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An exciting re-awakening is happening in the world of bicycle riding that is driven by boomer aged riders looking for fun and fitness. Biking is surely one of the best ways to keep your body trim and fit. We all know it’s very popular for young people but did you know seniors are enjoying it more and more as well? Biking can even save you from your cardiovascular concerns and other health problems.

 Senior Cycling  Fitness programs are beneficial to people of all ages. Younger people exercise to help maintain their health and fitness. Well, did you know older people are following in the same footsteps in order to stay healthy and fit? This is making senior fitness programs increasing popular, especially among the ‘Baby Boomers’ who are trying to keep that youthful feeling. It is important for senior citizens to have a variety of different exercises. Seniors require balance exercise, strength exercise, stretching exercise and endurance exercise. Bicycle riding offers boomers the benefits of all those exercises.

I recently read about a cyclist who on his eightieth birthday rode 80 kilometers. It was all his idea. He has been cycling with some cyclist friends for 20 years. So they decided to celebrate his birthday together this way. So on a cold March day off they went for their eighty kilometer ride. Now mind you they stay fit all winter long working out at the local YMCA which really is what we all should do. I don’t care who you are if you want to stay in good shape and be ready for the cycling season you need to work out during the winter months.

 Senior Cycling  I personally am a senior and spend time at the local Y doing spin classes during those days and months when I don’t want to ride outside because of the weather. And I ride with a group whose leader is 76 and his concern is for those who aren’t able to keep up. He is always thinking of the group as a whole. What a great inspiration.

Last summer I participated in a ride that raises funds for MS in Ontario and there were four people over the age of eighty who completed the ride. The first day we rode 85 kilometers and the second day we rode another 75 k.

Also one of the instructors of our spin classes at the local Y is 65 and plans to participate in the Ride Across America this coming summer. Doesn’t that just make you want to get out there and ride?

 Senior Cycling  Good news for older adults. Part of the prescription for a healthier, better retirement is exercise. Physical activity protects against declining health and fitness and adds years to your life. Join the growing number of older adults who are actively demonstrating that exercise helps keep a body strong.

Don’t fear the future my friends. Your bicycling future could consist of homemade goodies and great times with good friends as you enjoy your rest stops along the way. Maybe for you it’s some ice tea or an ice-cold bottle of Bud waiting for you as you climb off your bike after a delightful day riding with new friends. Retirement can be the best time of our lives.

A couple of things you may want to check out that are a great encouragement.

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And don’t forget May is national bike month so plan on getting out there and enjoying some great rides.

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