PostHeaderIcon What is a recumbent bicycle?

Recumbent bicycles are becoming more popular, though those who ride a recumbent bike might be looked at as a little peculiar. But the ones who ride a recumbent say they will never go back to a traditional bike.

 a recumbent bicycle A recumbent bicycle is a two or three wheeled bike that is similar to a traditional bicycle. The major difference is that the rider sits in a reclined position while pedaling and steering the bicycle unlike a traditional bicycle, which forces the rider to sit upright. This riding position is generally considered to be more comfortable because the weight of the rider is more evenly distributed over the rider’s backside.

A recumbent bicycle allows the rider to sit on a seat that more resembles a chair than a bicycle seat. The pedals and chain-set are located at the front of the boom. The handlebars are located either over the seat or on the sides of the seat. These bikes are thought of us as more comfortable and more wind resistant.

Recumbent bicycles are considered more comfortable because the reclining position the rider is in distributes the body weight more evenly. This leads to less pressure-point pain and also reduces neck, shoulder, and back pain.

 a recumbent bicycle Recumbent bicycles are considered to be more streamlined and aerodynamically designed as opposed to traditional bicycles. This is because the position of the rider’s body is more compact as it meets resistance and in fact, a recumbent holds the world speed record for any bicycle and were banned from international racing in 1934.

There are three categories of recumbent bicycles for a rider to choose from. One of these categories is the long wheelbase (LWB) recumbent bicycle. This type can be difficult for the rider to maneuver when riding at slow speeds or on narrow streets or pathways. On the other hand, the LWB recumbent bicycle is the fastest design and provides a smooth ride. In addition, the pedals can be located anywhere between the front and back wheels that is comfortable for the rider.

 a recumbent bicycle Recumbent bicycles are designed either for comfort or performance, with the latter type generally more expensive. If you’re going for comfort, the first thing to consider is how the bicycle feels when you are seated on it. If you’re short, recumbent bikes with a smaller front wheel and lower seat height will probably be easier for you to ride. If you’re taller, most recumbent styles will work well. For riders who are heavy or have circulatory leg problems, a long wheelbase (LWB) with a lower bottom bracket is best, although people with circulatory issues in the arms should choose under seat steering (USS). Steering is either above (ASS) or over-seat steering (OSS) using a handlebar in front of the rider, or under-seat steering (USS) using a handlebar under the seat. The wheels are often smaller and/or farther a part than on an upright bicycle.

Specific recumbent bicycle models are available for recreational riding, commuting or touring.

Riding a recumbent is a very special and unique experience. Carve through a sharp turn, fly by at astonishing speed, feel the soothing airflow around your body, these are all cool sensations that you will experience on a recumbent bicycle. They give you the feeling of being close to your environment and having total control of your body and of your movements. It’s a merge between man, machine and spirit. Recumbent cycling is something you have to experience, it’s a must.

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