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It doesn’t matter how good a shape we are in presently, what we really need is to aim to do is improve. You may have heard of aerobic workouts for people who haven’t worked out in quite some time and are not in good shape. However, there are also people who have/are already working out and already know the basics of aerobics and simply want to build upon that to get in even better shape and build endurance.

Working out for EnduranceIf you have been working out for some time now, or if you play a sport that requires you to have some endurance, you already know the importance of aerobic workouts. You understand that in order to build endurance you have to get your heart rate up and your breathing rate up. These things are most often accomplished with aerobic exercise. However a basic aerobics class is going to be boring and isn’t going to do you very much good. If you still want to get in better shape, there are several things you can start to do in order to reach this goal.

First, the real point of doing aerobics is to get your heart rate and your breathing rate up. If you have already been working out, you need to find ways to push yourself beyond what you have already been able to do. If you enjoy running long distances, and you don’t get as winded, you now need to try to run a little faster or farther in order to get your heart rate going higher than what you already do.

Working out for EnduranceFor me it is cycling and right now that is done in a cycle class. In fact right now I’m involved in an endurance cycle class. When we started this class last fall we tested ourselves and found out what our average watts and heart rate were for a 20 minute time going as hard as we could go. Each week I do one hard workout and 3 lighter workouts.
This is a great way of building endurance. My goal is to be ready and in the best shape possible for cycling back outdoors in the spring.

Many coaches and researchers are convinced that you have to do a series of short bursts of very fast speed training to improve long-term endurance, but they do not know why. This sprint training is becoming a popular way to train for endurance, because it works. Recent studies of sprint training with cyclists showed greater cardiovascular results in less time. In fact, one study found that a workout that included four to seven all-out thirty-second sprints (with four minutes of recovery between sprints) could be as effective at improving cardiovascular fitness as an hour of daily moderate-level aerobic exercise.

Working out for EnduranceAnother thing that is important is you need different ways to work out, to switch to activities your body isn’t used to. Variety may be the spice of life, but it absolutely is the key to improved speed and performance. Unfortunately, most recreational people do the same workout day in and day out. While it’s important to keep the majority of your workouts in the realm of endurance training, using the additional building-blocks of speed and strength workouts injects freshness into what may be a stale routine.

Regular aerobic exercise, such as running or using a stationary bike, makes your muscles use oxygen more efficiently and strengthens your heart and lungs. Remember that challenging your body is the point of doing aerobic workouts to build endurance.

A firm training program is built on several core types of workouts. Use these tips to help you build a balanced routine.

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