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Each time you go to exercise or workout , it’s important that before you begin you take a little time to warm up your muscles. Warm ups are really light exercises which actually warms up your muscles and makes them more flexible. This is an important way to help prevent you from hurting or injuring yourself during a workout.

warming up exerciseYou can warm up by doing light exercise on a bike, or by walking, jogging, or even basic calisthenics. You don’t want to start at the pace you plan to keep throughout your workout. Start slowly then build up momentum and energy as you go. Set a time limit say five to ten minutes and then move on with the rest of your workout.

Even when you begin your workout start at a lower level to warm up your muscles further, then add more intensity. This way, you won’t be as apt to strain a tendon or muscle group and your muscles will be more limber and ready to handle the strain of a more intense workout.

While you’re doing your exercises don’t forget to breathe. People have the oddest habit of holding their breath during hard physical exertion. When you exercise, if you hold your breath, you can actually raise your blood pressure and put a larger strain on your heart and blood vessels. warming up exerciseBreathing sounds natural enough, but in order to make it intentional during your workout, breathe in through your nose, taking a deep breath. Then exhale through your mouth. If you reverse the process you could end up hyperventilating if you do it wrong or too quickly. Though I personally find it easier to get in a rhythm of purposely exhaling and then I find the inhaling comes natural.

Most gyms will have all kinds of different kinds of machines to help you in your workout . Like step machines or treadmills for jogging and weight machines for muscle tone. Each weight machine is used to work a different muscle group both to strengthen and tone. The treadmill machines and elliptical machines help you keep your heart rate up during your workout. Mixing them in between weight machines lets you rest your muscles a little, as well as keeping your heart rate at an optimum level. Going from machine to machine without resting is important so you don’t lose the benefits of your work out between stations, as that defeats the purpose!

warming up exercise
After you’ve completed your workout, you want to cool down for four or five minutes by doing some light aerobic exercise to relax your body and give your body an opportunity to breathe easier and return you heart rate to normal. Just walk around at a normal pace, and then stretch lightly. You’ll be amazed at your flexibility and your ability to extend your arms and legs even further than before!

When you’re training, whether its weight training or getting ready to run a marathon, you are trying to build your muscles up. These workouts actually strain your muscles. So before you start training 6 or 7 days in a row, consider this. In order for them to become stronger and larger, they need some time to repair themselves. Let your muscles rest a day in between workouts . Do some walking or light aerobics instead on those days and you’ll maximize your workout efforts!

Don’t forget your warm ups and cool downs are an important part of your work out.

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