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Continuing on with the different types and styles of bicycles: In general the bikes below are for the more serious bikers though can still be used for leisure as well. We are trying to help you narrow down the choices so you find the bike that best meets your needs. Considering your level of experience, and your overall approach to cycling is where you should begin. The more you know about what you want, the easier it will be to work with your local bike store to select a bicycle which will best suit your needs.

Below are some more types of bicycles available on the market today.

Cycle ClothingA hybrid bicycle is half performance bicycle and half comfort bike aimed at keeping those aches and pains out of the equation on your bicycle commute. A hybrid bike comes with thinner tires than a mountain bike to allow for less rolling resistance. It also has a multitude of gears with an easy-to-use shifting system. So you have a super-easy gear for those steep hills on the way to work or school. They can also be fitted with handlebars that allow you to crouch into an aerodynamic position when you feel it necessary. For those looking for both performance and functionality combined with comfort, a hybrid bicycle will be just the right fit.

Touring bicycles are for taking a bike tour , adherents say, it’s obvious: it’s about the excitement of exploring new areas simply using the power of your own body. These are usually multi geared bikes often with drop handlebars and storage bags on the sides to help carry your gear. They are often adapted from a road bike or a hybrid bike. They concentrate on being light weight as you add weight with your gear.

Cycle ClothingA bike tour is any long-distance cycling trip that’s undertaken for recreational purposes. So a tour could be a two-hour cycling trip into the countryside, or it could be as long as a month or more spent visiting a scenic region. There’s a feeling of freedom that comes from being under the sky and close to nature, and it makes touring an exhilarating adventure.

Road Bikes also referred to as road racing bikes, are for those who go long distances and faster than recreational bike riders. These multi geared bikes concentrate on being light weight and reducing drag to increase speed. Thanks to their drop handlebars they have a stretched out feel, for aerodynamics. So efficiency is the name of this game, definitely not comfort.

Road bikes are used primarily on paved road. While you can ride a road bike even on unpaved road, its construction is usually designed for paved road. There are also road bikes available in single and fixed gear varieties.

Cycle ClothingRecumbent bicycles are becoming very popular with older riders and those who have some limits in physical ability. The rider reclines while pedaling in a feet forward position. The seat is much more comfortable than on any other bicycle. Recumbent bikes sit low to the ground and have multiple gears. These bikes are primarily used on paved roads and are good for touring or pleasure. They are not usually allowed for road racing though.

Before you buy, talk with family and friends who own bikes to get their opinion on what may be the best investment for you. If you don’t think that you’ll stick with bike riding long term and if you don’t plan to do more than weekend riding you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Now that you know the different classification of bikes, you can now buy the bike that is specific to your need, your budget and of course, your wants. You can get many years of enjoyment if you choose the right bike for you.

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