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Last time we talked about how the ups-and-downs of trying to become fit are a part of most of our efforts. The tips we shared with you are some of the best. They were: Find short-term rewards, Take Small steps, Enjoy yourself, Set Goals and Track your Progress. There are lots of things that will help us stay on track.

So here are some more tips for you take and use whatever works for you.

Getting Into Shape6. Get a workout partner.
You’ve probably heard this before, but it really can help you have exercise success. When you agree with your partner to meet at a specific time to work out, you want to be there so you don’t disappoint each other. Ok, maybe once in awhile you cancel, but most of the time you’re there, and that’s the important thing. Get a workout partner; it will be one of the best moves you’ll ever make.

7. Vary your workouts.
Mixing up the routine will keep things fresh and fun. Vary the distance, the route, the speed, the intensity. Do intervals. Do something completely different like, instead of cycling, do strength training or have a swim. By mixing it up you are challenging your body in different areas so it not only makes it enjoyable, it will also get you in even better shape.

8. Rest is important.
Exercise puts stress on our bodies, and the rest allows them to adapt and improve. Without rest, exercise just keeps breaking down our muscles, and they don’t have time to recover and get stronger. People who really get into exercise often forget that without the rest, they can’t really improve. Getting Into ShapeAlways follow a hard workout day with a day of rest. You can rotate different types of exercises so that different parts of your body are getting rest on different days. But you still need days of complete rest, or you’ll get burned out.

9. Find the exercise that works for you.
I love cycling, but not everybody does. Many people enjoy swimming or water aerobics. Others like lifting weights, or running. Others like to be involved with sports like basketball or soccer or rugby. It really doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy what you’re doing. Also find the solution that works best: working out at the gym, cycling on the road, working out at home. The one that you’re most likely to stick at is the one that is best for you. Personally I like to do some of each.

Getting Into Shape10. Never ever give up.
This is maybe the most important tip on this list. Sometimes life just gets in the way. No one is perfect. Just put it behind you, and move on and start again. Learn from what happened and adjust your routine to prevent the same thing from happening again. If you give up, you will never get to your goal and you can do it. Messing up happens but if you always start again there’s no way you won’t eventually get to your goal.

Every time I get up early to go to the gym for spin class or hit the road I really want to roll over and get another 5 minutes sleep. Even when I am just getting started I feel like I would rather be some place else. But once I get going I wouldn’t be any place else and afterward I’m always glad I stayed the course. I feel better, I look younger, I am healthier and my fitness is better than most my age.
You too can have the same results.

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