PostHeaderIcon How to Lose 10 Pounds When Your Are Over 50

People in the prime of their lives, especially women, must realize that losing weight is really the same no matter what your age is. So if you’re wondering if it’s possible to lose 10 pounds even if you are over 50, well the answer is yes.  Lose 10 Pounds The fundamentals of your diet and exercise routines really remain the same. There certainly are a lot of different methods you can use to lose weight effectively and this can lead to confusion. Really the simplest rule is to pick a method and stay faithful to it.

Here are some ideas that might help.

Eat more often
We normally have only three basic mealtimes: breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if you want to take off some of those extra pounds more effectively, add some meals in between your meals. This will mean that all your meals will need to be smaller than normal. You can do this by dividing each meal into two different eating times. Eating small can help you avoid hunger pangs in between meals. These hunger pangs are one of the most common reasons for failing to lose weight.

 Lose 10 Pounds Add Imaginary Calories
If you are trying to follow a daily calorie intake, it is helpful if you add an imaginary 10 calorie to everything you are about to eat. For example, if your daily calorie intake goal is 1,600, you will need to know how many calorie each food you eat has. So if a food has 130 calories per serving, try thinking of it as 10 or 15 calorie more, thus making it 140-145. This can ultimately help you eat less and help you achieve your daily calorie intake goals. Chances are, your estimations aren’t completely accurate anyway.

Take Time to Exercise
If you take time to do some simple exercises every day, you will slowly lose weight. The easiest and cheapest exercise is to walk. I personally enjoy riding my bike more though. People find it really beneficial to take time everyday for a little exercise. For instance a thirty to forty-five-minute walk can help you burn as much as 600 calories every day.

 Lose 10 Pounds Another way to exercise is to climb a set of steps. There are simply electronic devices (pedometers) that can help you keep track of your exercise and how many calories you are burning. However, before buying one you need to pick the right device. You need to be careful and buy one that will provide you with the accuracy you want and need. This usually means you should not buy a cheap one.

Buy Some Pants the Size You Want to Wear
Having a goal is very helpful in losing weight. By buying a pair of expensive pants the size you want to wear can provide you inspiration. It can provide the motivation you need to reach your goal. By buying an expensive pair you will regret not being able to wear them if you fail to reach your goal and provide the motivation needed to carry on.

There are many more ways to lose weight if you are over 50. You can do it with patience and determination. After you’ve reached your goal, be sure to remove your old clothes from your closet. Then purchase a whole new wardrobe of clothes to encourage you to maintain your new weight.

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