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Cross-country mountain biking is mountain biking at its finest. Though free ride mountain biking is very popular, the central core of the sport has always been cross country biking.

 Cross-country Mountain Biking Cross-country riders are a different breed and the bikes they ride are as well. The cross country bike is completely different from other types of mountain bikes in so many ways. The main goal of the cross country rider is speed. Therefore everything about their bikes has the idea of making the bikes go faster and faster.

Cross-country Mountain Biking or XC Mountain Biking is probably the most well-known discipline of Mountain Biking. It can also be fairly simple to get into and probably the least extreme compared to other styles of mountain biking. There are all aspects of Cross-Country Mountain Biking that draw people into it. Probably some of the reasons why they are so attracted to it are the variety of scenery, the adventure, the feeling of freedom and the being one with nature.

Being out in the countryside automatically means you will need to bike on several different terrains and you need several different important skills to be able to do this well. For instance, you might need to be able to climb and descend on various different types of terrain. This could range from open fire roads to tight, twisty single tracks in the bush.

 Cross-country Mountain Biking The bikes used in cross country mountain biking have mostly had a fully rigid frame or hardtails. Today though the full suspension frame is gaining inroads. Through the years, the cross over to full suspension has become very popular.

Weight is one of the big differences between free ride bikes and cross country bikes and that weight difference is considerable. While Free ride bikes weigh close to 40 pounds, you’d be extremely hard pressed to find a cross country bike that weighs more than 24 pounds. Even that weight is considered heavy by avid riders.

So which bike might be right for you? The lightest bike will be fast but is more prone to break the moment you start having real fun. While the fastest bike uphill will be more uncomfortable, the fastest bike downhill will only go uphill if you have legs of steel.

So what you want is a bike that’s light enough to pedal uphill, without getting a hernia yet fast enough downhill, to beat your friends to the bottom. It should be strong enough not to break if you sometimes get big air. And finally it needs to be affordable. That’s a tall order isn’t it but with careful research you will be able to find it.

 Cross-country Mountain Biking Cross country biking involves riding on trails but it’s normally not the type of terrain that beginners would want to ride. It most often involves hills and very rough terrain. Cross country biking offers quite the rush. If you have never tried cross-country mountain biking before I’m sure you’d find it to be a break from the ordinary.

For mountain bikers everywhere, cross-country mountain biking is the way to go. It offers you an assortment of new bikes to ride on. It invites you to new areas to ride. It will be a new twist to mountain biking as you know it. If you’ve been looking for a mountain biking rush, cross-country mountain biking is something you need to experience.

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