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Buying a mountain bike can make sense even if there are no mountains where you live. They provide great security while riding even in urban areas. Besides there is always a chance to get a weekend ride in the country.

 Mountain Biking Although you may think about heading down an actual mountain when you think of “ mountain biking “, I mean much more. Because mountain bikes (bikes with fat tires and front suspension) make it easy to go cross country riding as well.

There are three styles of mountain biking – downhill riding, free riding, and cross country. A professional cyclist or a dedicated amateur will have a bike specifically designed for each style. But if you’re a casual cyclist who may ride one style one weekend and a different style the next, any good mountain bike will do.

Though you may want to buy a brand new bike for your brand new hobby this could be a mistake. Think about what you have done in the past. Maybe you got excited about a new hobby, bought all the equipment, used it once or twice, then stored it in your garage and never used it again?

 Mountain Biking A good idea is to rent a bike first. That way you’ll be able to try out quite a few bikes and decide which one you’d like to buy. Another idea is to buy an inexpensive or used one first to try it out before you spend big bucks. Make sure that the people renting you the bikes have taken proper care of them. The same thing goes if you’re buying a used one.

Are you just getting started?
A great way to get started is to find a club or riding group in your area that caters to beginners. Your local bike shop should be able to help you with this. They should be able to tell you what goes on in your area. In addition, most bike shops will have racks featuring the brochures of local clubs, and bike maps of the local trails, for free.

 Mountain Biking Practice makes perfect
If one of your goals is to get in shape with mountain biking it certainly can help. Set yourself goals of how far you want to ride each week. I’m sure those numbers will increase once you get into it. Another thing to try if you have a steep hill near your home is to spend ten minutes or so a day doing wind sprints up and down that hill. This will increase your stamina and strengthen your leg muscles for longer rides. One thing not to do is immediately find the toughest trail and get on your bike and then throw yourself down it. Start with smaller easier trails and work on your skills for a while. (Make sure you check with your doctor to make sure you have no health problems that would limit vigorous exercise.)

Staying safe
The most important piece of equipment you need, after a good bike – is a good helmet and never buy a used one. Other accessories of use to the mountain biker are eye protection, elbow and knee pads, and good shoes. You should always carry identification on you at all times and you might also want to carry a few dollars on you so you can call for help if need be. Face it, riders fall, it’s going to happen. (That last bit of advice is good for any type of biking, or jogging, come to that!) Always be prepared for the worst to happen, and then it [probably] never will.

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