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Learning how to keep your bike in top shape can be an easy task. Keeping your bicycle in top condition requires preventive and regular maintenance, some of which you can do yourself. Other jobs you will probably want a professional cycle repair person to do.

Bicycle maintenance is vital to give you your bike’s top performance and to make your ride last a long time. Without proper maintenance, your bike will quickly go from a lean and mean two-wheeled machine, to a squeaky, rusty, heap in pretty quick order.

Here is a list that will help you preserve your ride.

 Bicycle maintenance Tires
The tires take the entire load when you’re riding. That means your tires should be inspected regularly. Check the air pressure to make sure the tires are inflated as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Proper pressure will also make it easier to ride. The tires should be inspected regularly for any signs of wear and tear. The wheels also need to be checked for being true. Twists and warping can be caused by collisions or falls. An easy way to check this is by spinning it. If the wheel moves from side to side as it spins, it will need to be straightened. You can certainly do all of the jobs above but to straighten a tire is easiest and best done by a professional repairman.

The handlebars are the key component in maneuvering your bicycle. The handlebars should be properly aligned with the front wheel, to accommodate maneuvering your bike properly and quickly.  Bicycle maintenance They need to be tight and adjusted properly not only for alignment but also for height so that the handlebars can be comfortably held when seated. At the same time the front forks should be properly adjusted. The handlebar post and the front forks are fastened together and act as one and should be securely fastened and adjusted together. While you are tightening things you should also check that the pedals are tightly secured.

Maybe the most important part of the bicycle is the brake assembly at least for rider safety. To check the brakes squeeze the handle and then try rolling the bike ahead. If the brakes work properly, the wheels will not want to roll and the brake pads will stay squarely on the rims without touching the tires. When the brake cables get loose the brake levers may touch the handlebars when pressed fully. The brake pad and cables need to be checked for wear and tightened. If the brake cables are frayed, they need to be replaced.

 Bicycle maintenance Chain
Regular and proper lubrication of the chain needs to happen in order to produce smooth and swift movement. Remove accumulated dirt and grease by using a de-greaser. Then put fresh grease on to replace the dirty grease that has been removed. By keeping your chain clean and well lubricated you will keep it running smoothly and avoid it getting stuck or jumping the gear teeth.

Bicycle maintenance only takes a little time and effort and doesn’t take a lot of tools or a great deal of technical knowledge. Keeping your bicycle in prime riding condition should be your goal. By riding your bike regularly you will keep fit and you should do your bit to keep it fit.

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