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Most of us want to have a body that we can be proud of. Most of us though are disappointed in our looks or body shape. If you would like to walk confidently along the beach with your shirt off, then what you want is to tone your body and gain some muscles.

So if you want to get a toned or even a rippled body, then you definitely need to go to the gym and start lifting weights.

However, not all exercise programs are designed for body building. Also, not all exercises are effective in promoting muscle growth. There are lots of things that you need to consider when you go to the gym and want to build muscles. First of all, you have to remember that lifting weights alone will not promote muscle growth.

Here are some body building tips to remember if you really want to gain muscles.

 Promote Muscle Gain First of all, body building should be done on a three day exercise routine. You can work out 3 times a week or if you have time, you can work out 6 times a week with Sunday as your rest day.

Here are samples of the exercises that you could do. For every exercise, you should do at least 3 sets with 10 repetitions for each set.

On the first day, you should try exercising the chest and the triceps. Do at least four exercises for each muscle group.
For the chest, you should do the bench press, inclined barbell press, lying dumbbell fly, and cable crossover.
For the triceps, try the kickbacks, barbell triceps presses, close grip bench press, and V-Bar pull down.

 Promote Muscle Gain On the second day, work your back and biceps.
For the back, you can do the bent over barbell row, Romanian dead lift, dumbbell lying row, and cable seated row.
For the biceps, you can do the alternate dumbbell curl, standing barbell curl, preacher curl, and cable curl.

On the third day, work on the legs and shoulders.
For the legs, you should do the squats, leg press, leg extension, and seated calve raises.
For the shoulders, do the barbell behind neck press, military press, Arnold press, and shoulder press.

 Promote Muscle Gain Each day, you exercise you should also remember to exercise your abdominal muscles with sit ups, weighted knee raise, and hanging leg raise. For each exercise, you should do at least 2 sets with 30 repetitions each.

Remember that in order to promote muscle growth you need to have rest periods. You also need to have adequate sleep. Another thing that you need to remember is not to do the same exercises for two consecutive days.

You might also want to change the whole program, every two weeks, with whole new sets of different exercises for the same muscle group.

As you can see there are quite a lot of exercises that you can do. By remembering these tips you can be sure that you will promote muscle growth or muscle gain.

It really is quite easy to know how to build muscles. In just a short period of time, you will see positive results. All you need now is dedication and proper execution of the exercises.

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